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Project Financing Partners
Chinese Banks, Sovereign Funds & Financiers


Project Management

G-to-G projects Financial procurement network is constructed and initiated for a comprehensive business relations with China, particularly Chinese policy banks, Chinese stateowned corporations and Chinese investors, the example of successfully bidding for Mexico, İran, Venezuela, Pakistan and African projects samples.

All those kind projects run a preliminary examination and are questioned a fundamental investment capacity and risks, Heritage focus on G-to-G projects (Asset deal, share deal or fully invest) with money available for China.


China's most valuable brands in construction and manufacturing areas

Heritage’s main strategy is to work with its Chinese working contractors & partners to undertake and complete the G-to-G projects, i.e. the industrial plant projects, highway and bridge construction, school, public housing, hospital, airport expansion, oil exploration, refineries, oil pipeline construction, water purification plants, high speed railway construction projects, electricity power station, nuclear power station and hydro power construction projects on the G-to-G project basis.

Fundraising via Heritage‘s networks in Beijing to generate a total solution of project packed by the availabilty of China money!

If you have a project, we have got a solution!