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Who We Are

HeritageTurk Team members have been active in providing strategic consultancy services in business development, investment, finance, marketing, PR & Advertising, IT, construction and foreign trade in its Ankara, Istanbul, Tehran, Moskow, Belgrad, Addis Ababa, Accra, Astana, Kabil, Hamburg and Zürich headquarters for many years under their own brands. Former politicians and journalists, contractors, business developers and bankers, IT specialists, architects and engineers, ex-militers, social sciences and international relations experts create the team network all around the world.


What We Do

Since 2015 Heritage Platform expanded his family under Heritage Turk Brand. Heritage Iran and Africa Offices was restructured and connected to Ankara Office leading by Dr Ebru Gürsan as a Chairman and Mr Can Akbaş as a General Director. Heritage Turk Balkan and Heritage Turk Central Asia offices and local partner organizations was completed during the years.

Now they are together under a Heritage Platform expanded its international relations and customer basis in the fields of energy, oil, humanitarian projects, infrastructure, transportation, Project and Property development.

If you have a project, we have got a solution!